Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Prosegur Crypto is the Prosegur Group's institutional digital asset custody solution that provides its customers with the highest security and service standards, using a unique model that combines technology, infrastructure, security protocols and management processes.

Prosegur Crypto's service is aimed at financial and government entities, funds and investment managers, family offices and exchanges that manage or invest in digital assets and require institutional-level custody services.

Prosegur Crypto's solution is designed to provide its customers with a comprehensive, secure and transparent digital asset custody service from start to finish, where services can be tailored to their particular needs, in full compliance with regulations at all times.

Prosegur Group's international leadership in security has helped to create a unique solution that combines the highest standards of physical security with next-generation cryptographic security technologies, patented and pioneering in the field of digital asset management, making Prosegur Crypto the most secure and complete solution on the market.


Unlike what happens with traditional financial systems, digital asset holders' private cryptographic keys are unique and unrecoverable, meaning that if they are lost or stolen it would be impossible for anyone else to access the funds.

The threat of attacks and private keys theft in both physical and digital environments is becoming more sophisticated, and the potential for loss of codes and system inaccessibility is high.

Specifically mitigating the risk of digital asset management requires complex technology systems, high specialisation and significant investment. For institutional customers, outsourcing this service to specialists greatly mitigates the risk, and allows them to focus fully on their core business.

Prosegur Crypto is the only solution on the market whose cold storage is never connected to the Internet, preventing the possibility of external cyber-attacks. This is a unique and essential feature, to which a large number of advanced and patented cybersecurity protocols are added, along with the physical security measures of traditional asset management entrusted to the Prosegur Group by the main international financial institutions.

Prosegur Crypto has the highest level of insurance that gives maximum protection in the event of loss or theft of private keys.


At Prosegur Crypto we manage all existing cryptocurrencies without any limits, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.

There are no limits on the volume of assets safeguarded or on withdrawals. However, customer-specific limits can be set in terms of both time and amounts.

Managing crypto assets is convenient and secure through a mobile app, from which you can perform remote asset transfers via an advanced approvals system, and view balances and fund movements.

As a general rule, funds are obtained less than 24 hours from the time the transfer order is issued, although according to customer needs it is possible to get them immediately.


Prosegur Crypto is responsible for safely executing all transfers requested by our customers. Customers may have personal assistance, when necessary, to initiate a transaction and provide support throughout the process, until it is received.

During the registration process we assign an account manager to each of our customers. Customers can contact their adviser directly by email or over the phone.