About Us


Leaders in the security industry

At Prosegur we have been at the forefront of innovation to make the world a safer place for over 45 years, and are now a global benchmark in the private security sector.


International knowledge

We have a presence in more than 26 countries and we adapt global best practices to the specific requirements of each market.


Global customers

We are trusted by international customers in numerous industries, particularly major international financial institutions.


Maximum security infrastructures

We have maximum security physical infrastructures with state-of-the-art technological systems and strict access, security and protection protocols.


Innovation in the industry

We combine our expertise with the most innovative technology to drive business and industry in general.


Pioneers in digital assets

We are the first leading security company to offer a comprehensive service in the safekeeping of digital assets.


Trusted partner

Our comprehensive security leadership along with our human, technical and innovation capabilities make Prosegur the trusted partner for digital asset custody services.